Moving to Vegas Was Part of Our Plan

My best friend and I met each other when she moved to my town in third grade. We grew up together, and we have the kind of friendship that is going to last into our nursing home years. When we graduated from college, we already knew that we were heading for Vegas. We had both been there a couple of times, and we just fell in love with the excitement and energy of the town. We started looking at apartments for rent in North Las Vegas even before we started applying for jobs, which might not have been the wisest choice but it worked out for us.

We have both dated casually in the past, but there was nothing serious in any of the relationships. We had goals that we wanted to reach before we even started thinking about wedding bells and cribs. Because we are pretty strict about that, we knew that getting a two bedroom apartment in Vegas was ideal for us, especially after we were both hired by the companies we had applied at. We already had the apartment picked out that we wanted, mainly because it would only take each of us about ten minutes to get to our jobs.

That was not the only thing we liked about the apartment though. The complex is amazing. We had only lived with our folks and then together in a dorm room at college, so this was a whole new experience for us. The apartment is amazing because of how it is laid out, giving us both our privacy along with our own bathrooms. We also have plenty of room between the kitchen, living room and dining room, plus we have our own laundry room too. It was easy to get the apartment, and moving in was rather quick since we had to buy all our furniture out here anyway. We are loving it here!