It is a Great Home for Us

I knew that I wanted to work with one of the top Denver realtors when I finally made the decision to buy my home here. I did not want to waste a lot of time looking at homes that are just not suited for my family and myself. I knew that I wanted a three bedroom house with at least three bathrooms, plus I wanted to live fairly close to where I work. I did not see the sense in buying a home that would take me 40 minutes or so to arrive at each day.

It was easy finding the realtor that I wanted to use after talking to a few friends who had recently purchased homes in the area. One had a nightmare encounter while the other two had used the same agent with wonderful results. When I explained what I wanted, he told me he would have a list of potential homes compiled by the end of the week. It pleased me that he was not going to rush this list, because that is something that would have simply wasted my time. He knew what I wanted in a home, and he was taking the time to make sure I only looked at homes that met my entire criteria.

I knew that I was asking for a lot, and I planned on it taking a while to find the home that I wanted. It took less than a month though, and the home that we ended up buying seems like it was designed for us. It has everything I wanted inside, and then some. It has two extra rooms, and we use one for a home office and the other for a fitness room. The neighborhood is great, and it only takes me 15 minutes to get to work and back home. It really is a great home for us.