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How to take Care of Your Puppy.

For anyone that owns a puppy they must agree that the puppies need exceptional care for them to grow normally. You have to understand that the responsibility of caring for the puppy is no joke. The joy that comes from watching them grow into beautiful creatures s is very fulfilling for any dog lover. You need to be ready to do what it takes to make sure that the puppy that is going to be under your care will not lack or go sick.

A puppy needs to be on a balanced diet so it will grow into a healthy and strong pet. Industrial produced food for puppies come as either wet or they could be dry as well. Either of the options carry some good nutritional content for your puppy. Apart from the commercial products you can opt to go for the natural foods which you can prepare at your home. A Labrador puppy is different from a Chihuahua puppy so make sure that you have some consultations with your veterinarian to know the nutritional requirements of your puppy. The age of the puppy and the health condition of the puppy will also determine the nutritional needs.

Believe it or not some puppies are born with allergies that could be triggered from the foods that they eat. Puppies that are four months and younger need to be fed at least three times a day but when they grow older the times can be reduced to two. The diet fed to the puppies needs to be accompanied with water to keep them hydrated especially on a dry diet. Fresh water should be provided in a bowl that has to be kept clean to prevent any contamination. Sleeping is very important for puppies, they need lots of rest just like kittens. It’s important to ensure that your kitten has a comfortable spot to sleep.

In an effort to enhance the comfort, make sure that you put a warm piece of blanket or something soft where they sleep Show them away from personal areas like the bed as they may get attached to them finding it hard to give them up. When it comes to toilet training , puppies work with some help. If you keep a close eye on your puppy you will see that the puppy has unchanging behavior just before they want to go for a nature call, some will spin around others will sniff around. When you see your puppy do the same you need to carry them so that they could do it where you want them to be doing it. After some time they will be used and adopt the routine themselves even when you are not there.

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